The following titles are currently available for review:

• Piet de Rooy. A Tiny Spot on the Earth. The Political Culture of the Netherlands in the Nineteenth and Twentieth century. Amsterdam:
Amsterdam University Press, 2015. See //
• Rietje van Vliet. Elie Luzac (721-1796). Bookseller of the Enlightenment. N.p.: AFdH Publishers.
See //

Please contact the editor if you are interested in writing a review article of one of these books.

Guidelines for Book Reviews

Canadian Journal of Netherlandic studies / Revue canadienne d’études néerlandaises publishes review articles of books and other publications relating to Netherlandic Studies in the widest sense. Reviews of a single publication should be approximately 800-1500 words. Reviews should be submitted to the editor within two months of receiving the book. Please submit your review as an email attachment preferably in Word to CJNS Editor.

See Rueter 32-1 65-72 and Collet 32-1 73-76 for examples of recently published review articles.

Where appropriate, a group of books on a related topic may be the subject of a larger review article. Please contact the editor with proposals for group reviews.

We welcome suggestions for publications to be reviewed in CJNS/RCEN. Please contact the editor with any titles you feel would be suitable for review.

Publishers: Please send publications for review directly to the editor at the following address: CJNS Editor

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