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Mij kun je overal neerzetten, een 1989 interview met Herman Ganzevoort (1942-2014).

Jan Krijff: Netherlands Canada History Books. Until the publication of detailed works by Jan Krijff, little was known about the many elements of the relationship that existed between these two countries  before World War I.

Cornelius J. Jaenen: Promoters, Planters, and Pioneers: The Course and Context of Belgian Settlement in Western Canada.

In this comprehensive study of Belgian settlement in western Canada, Cornelius Jaenen shows that Belgian immigration was unique in its character and brought with it significant benefits out of proportion to its comparatively small numbers.

Cornelius J. Jaenen is Emeritus Professor in the Department of History at the University of Ottawa. He has written extensively on Canadian ethnic and religious history and on the history of New France. More information

Missionaries Among Miners, Migrants, and Blackfoot: The Van Tighem Brothers’ Diaries, Alberta 1875-1917 – Edited by Mary Eggermont-Molenaar and Paul Callens$39.95 March 2007ISBN 1-55238-189-7
326 pp., b&w photographs6″ x 9 ”
University of Calgary Press – Legacies Shared Series, No. 24
For more information go HERE

Uprooted, Dutch Immigrant Children in Canada 1947-1959 by Anne van Arragon-Hutten. North Mountain Press, 161 Thorpe Road, Kentville, NS B4N 3V7. This work can be previewed and ordered at

Dutch by Gerrit Gerrits. Four East Publications, P.O. Box 29, Tantallon, NS B0J 3J0. This book is one in a series called Peoples of the Maritimescommissioned by the federal Office of Multiculturalism.

French personalism by Christian Roy (doctoral thesis). One chapter, “Henriette Roland Holst-van der Schalk et Plans, 1932: le personnalisme français, modèle pour le renouvellement du socialisme hollandais,” is based on a paper with that title which he read to the CAANS Learned Societies conference at Carleton University in 1993 and published in our Journal, Spring 1994, p.18-22. He has also contributed bio-bibliographical sketches of fourteen thinkers in this movement, to Antonio Pavan, ed.: Personalisti nel XX secolo (Naples: Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, to appear in the fall of 2003).

The Netherlandic Presence in Ontario – Pillars, Class and Dutch Ethnicity by Frans J. Schryer – Sir Wilfrid Laurier University Press – Publication Date: 1998/02 – ISBN: 0-88920-262-1 – $64.95 Cloth, xiv+458 pp. – ISBN: 0-88920-312-1 – $39.95 Paper, xiv+458 pp.

A Social History of the Dutch in Quebec by Johanna H. Lowensteyn

A Bittersweet Land, The Dutch Experience in Canada, 1890-1980 by Herman Ganzevoort. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1988

Review of A Bittersweet Land: The Dutch Experience in Canada, 1890-1980. by Herman GanzevoortAuthor of Review: Robert P. Swierenga
International Migration Review, Vol. 24, No. 1 (Spring, 1990), pp. 174-175
This article consists of 2 pages

The Last Illusion, Letters from Dutch Immigrants in the “Land of Opportunity,” 1924-1930 by Herman Ganzevoort. Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 1999

Dutch Immigration to North America, edited by Herman Ganzevoort and Mark Boekelman. Toronto: The Multicultural History Society of Ontario, 1983

Silent Ethnicity, The Dutch of New Brunswick by Will. C. van den Hoonaard. Fredericton: New Ireland Press, 1991

We Came, We Saw, We Stayed, the story of the Dutch in Prince Edward Island by Brigitte VanVliet. Summerside: Dutch Canadian Association of Prince Edward Island, 1982.

To all our children, the story of the postwar Dutch immigration to Canada – VanderMey, Albert – 1984 – out-of-print.

The Belgians in Ontario: A History by Joan Magee. Toronto: Dundurn, 1987.

A Dutch Heritage by Joan Magee. Toronto: Dundurn, 1983.

Planned Migration: The Social Determinants of the Dutch-Canadian Movement” by William Petersen. University of California Press, Berkley and Los Angeles, 1955

Landverhuizing als regionaal verschijnsel. Van Noord-Brabant naar Noord-Amerika, 1820-1880. Proefschrift ter verkrijging van de graad van doctor aan de Katholieke Universiteit Brabant door H. A. V. M. van Stekelenburg. Tilburg: Stichting Zuidelijke Historisch Contact, 1991.

“Hier is alles vooruitgang”, Landverhuizing van Noord-Brabant naar Noord-Amerika, 1890-1940 door Dr. H.A.V.M. van Stekelenburg. Tilburg: Stichting Zuidelijk Historisch Contact, 1996

The Dutch in North America. Their immigration and cultural continuity, Robert Kroes and Henk-Otter Neuschäfter eds. European Contributions to American Studies Series. Amsterdam: VU University Press, 1991.

Frisians to America, 1880–1914, With the Baggage of the Fatherland by Annemieke Galema. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1997

The following books are available at:
They also supplied the descriptive texts.

Distant Kin: Dutch-Canadian Stories and Poems – Vanderhaeghe, Guy and Cook, Hugh and Boyce, Pleuke – Significant and worth reading for several reasons. As the work of first- and second-generation Dutch immigrants to Canada, they bring a new dimension to the already considerable body of Canadian Literature that portrays immigrant and ethnic experience from the inside. That the Dutch voice would seem hard to discern, given the group’s rapid assimilation, if anything, enhances the importance that these attempts to ‘break the silence’ may have for those interested in the relationship between immigration, ethnicity, and the evolution of Canadian society.” – Tamara J. Palmer, Canadian Literature.

Dutch Gifts: Stories, Poems and Creative Non-Fiction on a Netherlandic Theme – Jacobs, Maria – In 1990 the Netherlandic Press asked for submissions to a Literary Competition, held in celebration of its 10th Anniversary. The only prerequisite, apart from entries not having been previously published, was a ‘Netherlandic theme’. The result of the contest was published in this book.

Dutch Medley: Poems and Stories – Boyce, Pleuke – Pleuke Boyce, a writer, poet and literary translator, shows in her distinctive poems and stories an understanding of both Dutch and Canadian society. ‘She has the ability to deal with difficult subjects with humour. Boyce has a gentle yet firm style and is a writer worth listening to. More please!’ – Howard Tessler, Poetry Canada Review.

Dutch Quintet: A Collection of Stories and Poems By Dutch Canadians – Ruger, Hendrika – Short stories by Rudy Wiebe, Haijo Jan Westra; and Poetry by Sonja de Wit, Marilyn Smulders, Augustinus P. Dierick. In the stories, the subject matter ranges from family in Friesland to school days in Holland to knitting a sweater and the problematic situation of the wife of an immigrant.

Dutch Voices: A Collection of Poems and Stories by Dutch Canadians – Van Tighem, Kevin and Schoutsen, John – “As usual (these books) are published with care and a fine feeling for variety. The cover is after a painting ‘On the Heels of Winter’ by Dick Dekker, and is in harmony with the first story by Kevin Van Tighem, ‘Whoopers’… With or without roots, Dutch Voices is a beautiful volume of splendid literature.” – Ons Erfdeel.

Insight: Canadian Writers View Holland – A Collection of Poems about Holland and the Dutch by Canadian Writers. “This anthology works the other way around. It brings together poems, written by Canadian poets, which have Holland in common in one way or another. It is a varied collection, divided by subjects: Holland, the Sea, the Painters, the Famous and Infamous.” – Ons Erfdeel.

Iseult, We Are Barren – Jacobs, Maria – Dutch born, Maria Jacobs has as a poet and publisher, played an active role in the development of Canadian literature, and in the League of Canadian Poets. ‘In this publication (her fifth), her poems deal with the memories of her two countries, as well as anecdotes, written in a style that is both lively as well as lithe, surprising…. “It is a beautiful cycle, in which I found the best poem I have read in months: my Kingdom for ‘King Mark deceived.’” – Jan Deloof, Ons Erfdeel.

Transplanted Lives – Dutch-Canadian Stories and Poems – Stories by Ine Schepers, Miep van der Zwaan-Verkley, Lini R. Grol, Marieke Jalink-Wijbrans; and Poetry by Leon Meersseman, Marieke Jalink-Wijbrans, Lini R. Grol. “This book itself is a work of art, a joy to see and hold, like all the other Netherlandic Press books. The colourful cover painting of immigrant Gerard van Lambalgen aptly expresses the feeling of the writings.” – R. VanderVennen, Calvinist Contact.

100 Years Ago – Dutch Immigration to Manitoba in 1893 – Krijff, J. Th. J. – A party of 68 men, women and children may be seen as the vanguard of later Dutch emigration waves to Canada. Who were they and where did they go? This book gives many answers about the 1893 move.

A.C. Van Raalte – Dutch Leader and American Patriot – Jacobson, Jeanne M and Bruins, Elton J. and Wagenaar, Larry J. – Published for the Holland (Michigan) sesquicentennial, the authors survey Van Raalte’s role and leadership of Secession-ists in the Netherlands, and later in the U.S.A. where they joined the Reformed Church in America, a denomination founded by Dutch speaking colonists in the early 1600s. Van Raalte and his 50 followers arrived with the sailing ship ‘the Southener’ in New York in 1846. Within months, they selected a townsite in dense Michigan forests where they and hundreds who joined them there literally carved a living out of the forests. How they survived Michigan’s harsh climate, hard frontier life, deprivation and hunger, initial high mortality, isolation, serious setbacks and went on to prosper is detailed in this interesting volume.

And The Swamp Flourished – VanderMey, Albert – Draining swamps and marshes, and controlling groundwater levels, come natural to Dutchmen! Throughout Europe they have reclaimed land this way, growing plentiful crops where before it was (too) dangerous to tread. Now 60 years ago, Dutch immigrants settled in such a ‘polder’ north of Ontario’s capital, Toronto. These settlers went through many bittersweet moments and episodes, becoming the vegetable gardeners for this city, for Ontario and for markets beyond. Author Albert VanderMey engagingly chronicled this amazing story in his richly illustrated book.

Dutch – Peoples of the Maritimes – Gerrits, G.H. – The author traces Dutch involvement in this part of Canada back to the early 1600s when Dutch fur traders squared off with the French colonial rule. Other interesting historical anecdotes include the arrival in 1751 of a Rev. Comingo whose real identity was Bruin Romkes Camminga. Immigrants of the 1950s or later receive most of the attention in this window on the local Dutch community.

Dutch American Voices – Letters from the United States, 1850 – 1930 – Brinks, Herbert J. – Immigrant experiences of the 19th century are quite different from those of today. This book features letters from immigrants to their family in the Netherlands. The result is a fascinating collection of material that provides a glimpse into the Dutch-American communities of a century ago. These letters never have been published before. Brinks selected letters sent from Dutch communities in the USA to every region in the Netherlands.

Dutch Immigration to North America – Ganzevoort, Herman and Boekelman, Mark – Twelve historians present their papers on thought provoking aspects of Dutch immigration to Canada and the U.S.A. This collection brings out some lesser known episodes in Dutch immigration, including one on the darker side of this history titled “Sharks in Wooden Shoes.”

The Persistence of Ethnicity – Dutch Calvinist Pioneers in Amsterdam, Montana – Rob Kroes – Immigration and ethnicity have long been staples of American history and literature, yet ethnicity has rarely been explored as the complex process of acculturation and adaption that it is. Kroes presents the unique story of Amsterdam, Montana, a small, century-old village in the Gallatin Valley. ‘… Rob Kroes has succeeded in portraying from the inside the values, beliefs, and practices of a transplanted Dutch-Calvinist settlement.’ – historian Robert Swierenga. ‘A well-conceived, balanced, and interesting study which can function as a model for other studies of ethnic communities.’ -archivist and author Herbert Brinks.

The Dutch Touch in Ontario – VanderMey, Albert – A voluminous ‘coffee table’ book that profiles a selection of 200 Dutch immigrants, detailing their struggles to succeed and how they made a unique contribution to their community, their province and to all of us across North America. It covers the community by sections on a range of endeavours, showing by the extensive diversity how far it has spread beyond its agricultural beginnings. Compelling and fascinating reading! The book picks up where the still very popular, but out-of-print 1984 book To All Our Children – by the same author – left off.

Dissonant Worlds – Roger Vandersteene Among the Cree – Waugh, Earle H. – When “Steentje” arrived in the wilderness of northern Canada in 1946 as a Flemish missionary, he found an aboriginal spirituality that inspired his own poetic and artistic nature and encouraged him to pursue a religious vision to “unite” Cree tradition and Roman Catholicism. Until his death thirty years later, Vandersteene – after whom an Alberta Lake was named – attempted, through his paintings, poetry and liturgical modifications, to “ground” Christian ideas in Cree imagery and spirituality. This book is both a window on northern Canada and on the missionary.


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