A. VAN DEN HOVEN – Foreword/Avant- Propos, page 1

JAN LOBELLE – Editorial: Les études néerlandaises à Montréal, page 3

P. LOWENSTEYN – The Role of the Dutch in the Iroquois Wars, page 5
(For an updated and illustrated version with translations in Dutch, Italian, and Russian, go HERE)

ANDRE VERMEIRRE – Un aspect de l’émigration du début du XXe siècle au Québec: Hubert Biermans, pionnier et philanthrope, page 14

CHRISTOPHER JACKSON – Early Music in Quebec: Contemporary Links with the Low Countries, page 20

ROLAND WILLEMYNS – La langue néerlandaise en Afrique, en Amérique et en Asie, page 21

J. WILMOTS – Nederlands/Hollands/Vlaams, an Untranslatable Title, page 28

R. WAKEFIELD – The Middle Dutch Nibelungen Fragments, page 33

RICHARD D’ALQUEN – The Lay of Hildebrand, an Old Dutch Contribution to German Literature, page 37

LOUISE VANHEE-NELSON – La République des Provinces-Unies vue par les voyageurs étrangers du XVlle siècle, page 44

BASIL KINGSTONE – M. Vasalis’ De Idioot in het Bad, Five Versions and Some Comments, page 50

MARTIN BAKKER – Geerten Gossaert and the Writers of the 1880’s, page 54

A.F. ZWEERS – The Antichristian Views of Marcellus Emants, page 63

ADRIAN VAN DEN HOVEN – Piet Paaltjens, François Haverschmidt’s Ambivalent Hero, page 71

DAVID MARLEY – Adrian Boot, a Dutch Engineer in Colonial New Spain (1614-1637), page 74

DAVID MARLEY – The Interrogation of a Dutch Prisoner, by the Captain General of the Yucatan, in the year 1681, page 78

MAUREEN COVELL – Belgium’s New Regional Institutions, page 82

AFIENA KAMMINGA – Moleman, page 89

ADRIAN VAN DEN HOVEN – Don’t Say Nothing, page 92


Issac Abrahamszoon Massa, A Short History of the Beginnings and Origins of These Present Wars in Moscow under the Reign of Various Sovereigns down to the Year 1610 by Joaneath Spicer, page 95

Mauritshuis, Dutch Painting of the Golden Age from the Royal Picture Gallery, The Hague by Joaneath Spicer, page 96

Henry of Ghent, Lectura Ordinaria super Sacram Scripturam and Quodlibet X by Jerome Brown, page 97

Herman Bakvis, Catholic Power in the Netherlands by David M. Klinck, page 100

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