Editorial, page i

Peter Benson: Grotius’ Contribution to tne Natural Law of Contract, page 1

George Tsihlias: Victor Horta: The Maison Tassel, Stages of its development, page 28

Peter A. Schouls: Jonn Locke and William III: a Dutchman’s Rule in England Curtailed by an Englishman to whom the Dutch had Extended Political Asylum, page 60

Randall H. Balmer: Songs of Praise and Lamentations: the Dutch Reformed church and Anglicization in Colonial New York, page 71

Augustius P. Dierick: “Stempelen” and “Doppen”: Reflections of the Economic Crisis of the 1930’s in Two Representative Novels of Holland and Belgium, page 81

Adrian van den Hoven: Mischa de Vreede: Het Leven een Film (Life a Film), an Analysis, page 93


Hugh Cook: Cracked Wheat and other Stories by Arie Staal, page 102

James S. Holmes and William Jay Smith: Dutch Interior: Postwar Poetry of the Netherlands and Flanders by Arie Staal, page 104

Raymond Macken: Een Levenswijsheid in Spreuken by Louise Vanhee-Nelson, page 106

B.J.S Hoetjes: Canada by James Tassie, page 107

Joan Magee: A Dutch Heritage. 200 Years of Dutch Presence in the Windsor-Detroit Border Region by Adrian van den Hoven, page 111

Albert VanderMey: To All Our Children. The Story of the Postwar Dutch Immigrant to Canada by Adrian van den Hoven, page 111

Maria Jacobs, ea.: With other Words: A Bilingual Anthology of Contemporary Dutch Poetry by Women by Basil D. Kingstone, page 115

André Gide: Correspondance avec Jef Last (1934-1950) by Basil D. Kingstone, page 117

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