From Renaissance to Revolution – The Culture of the Low Countries, 1400-1800


The Editors – Foreword

Fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
Jean Witherspoon: An Andachtsbild by Bernaert van Orley in Toronto, page 1

Eugenio Filice: A Retable from Brabant in the Royal Ontario Museum, page 11

Verena Voigt: Joachim Patinir and the Beginnings of Landscape Painting in the Low Countries, page 19

Steve van der Weele: Lambentlronies and Laughing Praise in Erasmus Praise of Folly, page 29

Andre Lefevere: Anna Bijus:Troping the Text, page 36

Seventeenth Century
Peter Ford: “Gouden Eeuw” or “Ongelukseeuw”? An Economic Survey of the Northern and Southern Netherlands in the Seventeenth Century, page 44

R. G. Haycock: Prince Maurice and the Dutch Contribution to the Art of War, page 53

Ruth van Baak-Griffioen: The Value of Gouden Eeuw Song Books in the Performance of Seventeenth Century Dutch Instrumental Music, page 66

Louis Peter Grijp: Local Song Books in the Golden Age, page 76

Loes Nas: Two Love Sonnets by P.C. Hooft from 1610: 23 January & 17 February, page 89

Koos Daley: “A Crowne of Prayer and Praise”: John Donne and Constantijn Huygens at Prayer, page 96

Steve van der Weele: The Literary Context of Vondel’s Jephtha, page 103

Eighteenth Century
Michiel Wielema: Frans Hemsterhuis: A Philosopher’s View of the History of the Dutch Republic, page 109

Philip Cooke: Wine from Nature’s Deep Freeze, page 118

Robert Siebelhoff: The Demography of the Netherlands 1500-1990: Facts and Figures, page 125

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