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A. VAN DEN HOVEN – Editorial, page 1

JOAN MAGEE – The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Netherlandic Studies: An overview of the first decade, 1971-1981, page 3

JAN LOBELLE – Le Québec et la Flandre: Etude comparative de situation sociolinguistiques, page 8

RUDOLPH A. HELLING – Dutch immigration to the tri-county area (Essex, Kent, and Lambton Counties, Ontario), page 12

MARCEL CHABOT – Michel van Schendel – Prix du Gouverneur Général, page 16

JANNY LOWENSTEYN – Dutch ethnicity in Montreal: its persistence, meaning, and uses, page 24

GORDON SPYKMAN – Netherlanders in The Netherlands, page 34

G. D. HOMAN – Pierre van Paassen’s Canadian Interlude, page 40

JOHN KRALT – Netherlanders and the Canadian Census, page 40

AUGUSTINUS P. DIERICK – Perceptions and Prophecies in Johan Huizinga’s America, page 44

ROBERT P. SWIERENGA – A Denominational Schism from a behavioral perspective: The 1857 Dutch Reformed Separation, page 49

ADRIAN VAN DEN HOVEN – The Flying Dutchman’s Dream, page 58

MARIA JACOBS – Translations from the poetry of J. Bernlef, page 59

CHRISTOPHER LEVENSON – Amsterdam, page 62


ADRIAN T. VAN DEN HOVEN – Aritha van Herk’s Novel Judith in English and in its Dutch translation, page 64

RAY M. WAKEFIELD – The Beguines Sisters, page 67

ROBERT SIEBELHOFF – The family background and personality of Jan Toorop, page 71

MARCEL CHABOT – “La Pierre Parle” – La Lithographie en France au 19e siècle – Musée des Beaux-Arts de Windsor- Septembre-Octobre 1981, page 77

MARCEL CHABOT – L’exposition Masereel – Musée des Beaux Arts de Windsor – 13 septembre – 25 octobre 1981, page 80

JOHN MICHIELSEN – Some Aspects of Symbolism in Certain Nijhoff Poems: “Het licht”, “Het steenen kindje”, “Kleine prélude van Ravel”, page 86

BASIL KINGSTONE – Jef Last and André Gide: The record of a friendship, page 91

NICHOLAS WICKENDEN – A Dutchman at Cambridge, page 95


David Kaufman/Michael Horn, A Liberation Album: Canadians in the Netherlands by Adrian T. van den Hoven, page 100

Under Dutch Skies (Ed. and Transl. by D. Howard and H. Ruger) by Arie Staal, page 100


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