Special issue – Augustinus P. Dierick and Basil Kingstone (eds.),
Voorwaarts/Forward. An Anthology of Writing from the Canadian Journal of Netherlandic Studies.
On the Occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Netherlandic Studies (1971-1996).



I History

ISTVÁN BEJCZY – Willibrord and the “tree fall”: a historiographical myth of the origins of Dutch civilization, page 1

RAY WAKEFIELD – The Beguines sisters, page 7

LOUISE VANHEE-NELSON – La République des Provinces-unies vue par les voyageurs étrangers du XVIIe siècle, page 13

R.G. HAYCOCK – Prince Maurice (1567-1625) and the Dutch contribution to the art of war, page 22

PETER DE KLERK – What possessed them? Leadership credibility of the Dutch immigration into Colorado in 1892-93, page 35

II Philosophy

RALPH NELSON – Portrait of the sage: Spinoza’s conception of the philosophic life, page 44

MICHIEL WIELEMA – Frans Hemsterhuis: a philosopher’s view of the history of the Dutch Republic, page 55

III The Arts

RUTH VAN BAAK GRIFFIOEN – The value of Gouden Eeuw songbooks in the performance of seventeenth-century Dutch music, page 64

GEOFFREY SIMMINS – Fernand Khnopff and Ver sacrum, page 75

ROBERT SIEBELHOFF – Iets over de persoon Jan Toorop, page 99

GEORGE TSIHLIAS – Victor Horta: the Maison Tassel, the sources of its development, page 108

IV Literature

HAIJO WESTRA – Literary parody and the beast epic: Van den vos Reinaerde, page 129

E. M. BEEKMAN – Junghuhn’s perception of Javanese nature, page 135

ALEXANDER ZWEERS – The antichristian views of Marcellus Emants, page 146

MARTIN BAKKER – “Fatherland” and “Mother tongue” in Nijhoff’s poetry, page 157

AUGUSTINUS P. DIERICK – Stempelen and Doppen: reflections of the economic crisis of the 1930’s in two representative novels of Holland and Belgium, page 162

HENRI SCHOGT – Motives and impediments in describing war memories, the tragedy of the Jews, page 171

JOHN MICHIELSEN – Coming to terms with the past and searching for an identity: the treatment of the occupied Netherlands in the fiction of Hermans, Mulisch and Vestdijk, page 178

JOHANNA VANDERWAL TAYLOR – Bitter herbs, empty houses, traps and false identities: the (post-)war world of Marga Minco, page 184

HERMINA JOLDERSMA – Renate Rubinstein, an introduction, page 190

BASIL D. KINGSTONE – Cees Nooteboom’s Rituelen: three characters in search of a sign, page 200

ADRIAN VAN DEN HOVEN – Mischa de Vreede’s Het leven een film (Life a movie), an analysis, page 208

NANCY CHADBURN – Kristien Hemmerechts’ Brede heupen and the social construction of woman, page 214

V Language

ROBERT HOWELL – Notes on the rise of non-apical r in Dutch: denying the French connection, page 222

WILLIAM H. FLETCHER – Come down with cholera!: disease names in Dutch strong language, page 232

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