HENRY SCHOGT – Zuiver Nederlands, page 1

J. SMITS – The humanities in the Netherlands: the role of the research council NWO, page 9

MIEKE SMITS-VELDT – Images of two Dutch women: from seventeenth-century ideal to nineteenth-century myth, page 19

KOOS DALEY – On translating Huygens, page 29

AUGUSTINUS P. DIERICK – Deviance and alienation in the early work of J. van Oudshoorn, page 34

BEERT VERSTRAETE – The literary achievement of Louis Couperus in his Greco-Roman novels, with special reference to De berg van licht, page 45

REMKES KOOISTRA – Conflicting allegiances: the stories of two ladies of German origin who lived in the Netherlands before, during and after World War II , page 53

JOHN MICHIELSEN – Judith Herzberg’s Tussen Amsterdam en Tel-Aviv, page 57

Book Reviews
HERMINA JOLDERSMA – Theresia de Vroom: Netherlandic secular plays from the Middle Ages. The “Abele spelen ” and the farces of the Hulthem Manuscript. Translated with an introduction and notes, page 61

BASIL D. KINGSTONE – Bram Kempers, ea.: Openbaring en bedrog, de afbeelding als historisch bron in de Lage Landen, page 62

Blake Lee Spahr, Thomas F. Shannon and Wiljan van den Akker, eds.: Vantage points, Festschrift for Johan P. Snapper, page 65

GEOFFREY HAYES – George C. Blackburn: The guns of victory, page 68

MARY EGGERMONT-MOLENAAR – Cornelia Fuykschot: Hunger in Holland, page 69

REMKES KOOISTRA – Gerrit Gerrits: They farmed well: The Dutch-Canadian agricultural community in Nova Scotia, 1945-1995, page 71

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